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Mexican Slang : No manches güey !

  • Post category:log book

Mexican Spanish is relatively easy to understand, perhaps even easier than Spanish, but it has its own particularities (Mexicanisms). Here is a selection of typical mexican slang that you will come across during your paragliding trip.

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Why and how should you keep a paragliding logbook ?

  • Post category:training

A paragliding logbook : What's the point ? During your paragliding career, you must fill out your first flights in your paragliding logbook. Only 4 pages are dedicated to ...

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Paragliding buying guide

  • Post category:training

That's it you are hooked, you have done two paragliding courses (minimum recommended), we can finally think of getting equipped to fly. Which paraglider to choose? How to decide ...

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Wing load

To fully understand the wing loading, I often ask this question when I discuss the mechanics of paragliding flight: Obelix and Asterix fly under the same paraglider wing ...

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Paragliding or hang-gliding?

Choose paragliding or hang-gliding? They are both similar and different. Paragliding and hang-gliding are two “PUL” (ultra light gliders). That is to say that they are ...

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© alfredo moran

Landing precision: the stationary point

How do I determine the correct height for the final approach? How do you know if you will succeed in passing a ridge or an obstacle? These are the recurring questions of ...

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Valle de bravo in hang-gliding

Here is a nice tour of the jar, carried out in March 2021 in hang-gliding since take-off from Valle de Bravo in Mexico. A beautiful ceiling above takeoff, then I ...

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Lift foil © alahua

What to do in Valle de Bravo?

  • Post category:travel

Often paraglider pilots are interested in flying there, but fear that the rest of their family will be bored. It is true that some paragliding sites are excellent for ...

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The journey of the Monarch butterflies

  • Post category:travel

The annual migration of the monarch butterfly from North America is a unique and astonishing phenomenon. It is the emblem of Valle de Bravo, gave its name to a competition of…

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