Paragliding for dummies Valle de bravo en deltaplane

Last update : 02/08/2021

Here is a nice tour of the jar, carried out in March 2021 in hang-gliding since take-off from Valle de Bravo in Mexico. A beautiful ceiling above takeoff, then I fly over the Penon. Then the G-Spot, where I turn around before going to land.
Because there is more to life than paragliding.

The proof in pictures:

Valle de Bravo is a great place for the delta.
Adapted take-off, extensive landing ...
From the end of February, the conditions become stronger for paragliders which give way to deltas, where they now dominate!

For delta training and equipment rental, see partners, specifically SkyRides.



Parapentiste depuis plus de 20 ans, je suis le créateur de ce site. Moniteur à l'école de parapente des Grands Espaces paragliding school, j'aurais peut-être le plaisir de vous faire survoler le lac d'Annecy en parapente. Je migre l'hiver à Valle de Bravo (Mexique). Hasta pronto ! More info

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