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All paragliding schools

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In addiction to the real-time weather maps for paragliding, our website now hosts a paragliding schools directory. Check it out.

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Paragliding for dummies

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Which paraglider to start with ? How long does it take to learn paragliding ? Where to learn paragliding ? These are the questions that are often asked. Here is the beginning of an answer.

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Why and how should you keep a paragliding logbook ?

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A paragliding logbook : What's the point ? During your paragliding career, you must fill out your first flights in your paragliding logbook. Only 4 pages are dedicated to ...

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Paragliding buying guide

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That's it you are hooked, you have done two paragliding courses (minimum recommended), we can finally think of getting equipped to fly. Which paraglider to choose? How to decide ...

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