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As you can see, we only offer a limited number of paragliding courses.
Unlike many other organisers who take you for "gringos" (up to 2500 $ / week! *), our prices are reasonable, so our margins are limited.

Also, in order to guarantee the profitability of the course, a minimum number of participants is required.
It is therefore advisable to register early to guarantee your place (first come, first served).
The course will be declared valid, or not, at least 2 months before your departure, which allows you to plan the purchase of the plane ticket and your accommodation.

The booking process is therefore as follows:

  1. Pre-booking
  2. Payment of a deposit, once the course is validated: you will be notified
  3. Confirmation of your reservation

Good to know

In addition, you will need to provide for :

  • Your accommodation.
    You should expect to pay around €20-25 per day, sometimes less if you are willing to share a room.

    Of course, if you are coming in the high season, it is recommended that you make arrangements in advance.
  • Your restoration:
    It all depends on what you want, but you can get by for a few euros (1 taco = 1 euro)
  • Your club membership (mandatory) :
    Approximately €50 per week.
    If you specify that you are coming under the supervision of Parapente-Mexico, you will receive a discount of 30%.
    Normally you need to be a pilot to enter, but if you're supervised it's different.
  • It is possible to request an optional airport transfer.
    You should expect to pay around 100 euros.
    However, we invite you to use public transport, which is efficient and economical: we will give you the information.

    Don't make the mistake of renting a car: it's expensive, and you may not use it at all...
  • It is recommended that you bring your own paragliding equipment. If you are not yet equipped, you will have to pay extra for the rental of the equipment, and the choice is limited.

Remarks :

  • The following course dates can be adapted according to demand:
    If you are a club, or a group, we can consider organising a course especially for you.
  • Apart from the above conditions, we offer private tuition.
  • In the event of a non-volatile day, the day is not charged.
  • I work with local partners (monitors, drivers): At least some Spanish or English is necessary.

Introductory courses

The introductory courses are intensive courses, over 9 days, at the end of which you are autonomous on the site, in calm conditions.
Contact us if you are interested, as they may not be displayed on this page.

* : Accommodation included (all the same).