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Best season for paragliding in Mexico, it's winter! Good flights guaranteed during your stay.  Valle de Bravo is a major site, having hosted the World Cup 5 times, which deserves to be known to French pilots. Take off from the take-off of the 'Peñon", discover its convergences and its thermals, welcomed by a French instructor, without worrying about the weather conditions. This winter, summer continues in Mexico!

Mexican slang: No sleeves güey!

Mexican Slang : No manches güey !

Mexican Spanish is relatively easy to understand, perhaps even easier than Spanish, but it has its own particularities (Mexicanisms). Here is a selection of typical mexican slang that you will come across during your paragliding trip.

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Due to Covid-19, we have not yet finalized the internship schedule. Leave us your email, to be the first to know, as places will be limited.

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A real change of scenery, a warm people, exceptional conditions. So much so that we are able to guarantee you the reimbursement of a non-theft day. 

It must be see to believe it, in the meantime we can also read what they think: 

I flew more in a week than in the last 3 winter months! The contract is more than fulfilled.
paraglider pilot 1
Emmanuel C. (Man's)
pilot and president club saint hil'air
My favorite site on the World Cup course (PWC). You have to find the confluences to win.
paraglider pilot 2
Julien W.
Monitor & world champion
Norwegians have been returning there every year for 20 years. In Mexico, it is the most beautiful spot ... Where are the French?
paraglider pilot 3
Ronnie H.
Norwegian guide

My flying season in Mexico 2019-2020

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Whether you are a beginner, or want to improve your skills, do like Luciana, make your dream come true!