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All paragliding schools

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In addiction to the real-time weather maps for paragliding, our website now hosts a paragliding schools directory. Check it out.

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Paragliding for dummies

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Which paraglider to start with ? How long does it take to learn paragliding ? Where to learn paragliding ? These are the questions that are often asked. Here is the beginning of an answer.

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Polar gears

What is the velocity polar? The speed polar is a graphical representation of the performance of our paraglider, as we will detail here. In…

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FFVL and rain radars

  • Post category:log book

Knowing the weather readings in real time is much better than the forecast. The FFVL offers a very useful tool, and I took advantage of the last days of disturbed weather to…

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December in Valle de Bravo

  • Post category:log book

It's been almost a month since I arrived in Valle de Bravo this year. The opportunity to take stock. And write in the first person. Doubts and scruples ...

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Big flights in November already !

  • Post category:log book

December 1, 2021: It's been 15 days since I arrived. State of play. Getting to know the Supair Savage. Last year I did some guidance for a...

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Mexican Slang : No manches güey !

  • Post category:log book

Mexican Spanish is relatively easy to understand, perhaps even easier than Spanish, but it has its own particularities (Mexicanisms). Here is a selection of typical mexican slang that you will come across during your paragliding trip.

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Why and how should you keep a paragliding logbook ?

  • Post category:training

A paragliding logbook : What's the point ? During your paragliding career, you must fill out your first flights in your paragliding logbook. Only 4 pages are dedicated to ...

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Paragliding buying guide

  • Post category:training

That's it you are hooked, you have done two paragliding courses (minimum recommended), we can finally think of getting equipped to fly. Which paraglider to choose? How to decide ...

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