Each paragliding school listed in the paragliding directory offers at least one of the following services:

  • tandems
    Discover the activity in safety, with an instructor, during a paragliding tandem flight. This is often a revelation for many newcomers. I promise you won't be afraid of heights, it can't happen.
  • shop
    Discover all the paragliding shops, where you can buy equipment (harness, glider, rescue, accessories).
  • hang gliding
    Hang gliding has its detractors and its unconditional fans. Read article: Choose paragliding or hang-gliding ? Here are the hang-gliding schools that offer hang-gliding lessons.
  • single-skin
    A single surface sail has only one surface, the upper surface. There is only the "top" of the canopy, the internal structure is visible. Unlike a conventional paraglider which has a "top" and a "bottom", the lower surface, and traps air in cells. And yet single surface paragliding is possible!
  • paramotor
    The paramotor is an aircraft of the aerodyne category. It consists of a paraglider wing and a light engine integrated into a protective cage worn on the pilot's back. A propeller provides the necessary thrust (WikiPedia)
  • SIV
    The SIV course is part of every pilot's progression. It will allow the pilot to understand the mechanisms of his actions and the effects on his wing.
  • speed-riding
    Speed riding is an outdoor sport combining mini-sailing (derived from paragliding) and skiing. The principle is to stay on the ground while going as fast as possible equipped with a small sail, a harness and a pair of skis, alternating flight and gliding. This allows you to access places by gravity that were not accessible by traditional means, thus flying over areas that are inaccessible on skis.
  • courses
    Whether or not you have already done a tandem flightLearning to paraglide is not something you can improvise: it is better to learn in a school rather than with friends. Different formulas exist, depending on your level (initiation, improvement, SIVthermal, cross country). Generally, these are weekly paragliding courses, although there are also weekend courses. Here is the list of paragliding schools offering courses to learn to fly, or to improve:
  • tours
    Travelling is good for the young ... and for paragliders. When it doesn't fly much at home, it flies elsewhere.