Your most frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We have put together a paragliding FAQ for you.

Paragliding tandem faq

Often, when making an appointment, or when it comes time to fly, you ask us a lot of questions. Here are the ones we are asked the most frequently, and their answers:

Paragliding vertigo

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot be dizzy while paragliding, because you are no longer in contact with the ground. I'm taking the bet with you that you won't get it! In short, do not hesitate any longer.

How is the flight going?

Once you have booked, we will contact you to confirm the appointment.
You are briefed for take-off, equipped (well hooked up!), And the rest is pure happiness.
Of course, we are at your disposal to reassure you, and explain how it works.

How should we dress?

In paragliding, you are stationary, with a constant headwind (the relative wind, created by the movement of the paraglider). A bit like on a motorcycle, you have to come with a windbreaker, good shoes (not sandals), and sunglasses for style.

How old is a tandem paraglider?

We are often asked this question for children. In fact, what is important is that he / she requests it.

What weight for a tandem paraglider?

  • For light weights (children for example), it is important to come in the morning, before the conditions are too strong.
  • If, on the contrary, it is a heavy passenger, it will be necessary to avoid the morning slot.

In case of doubt do not hesitate to contact us, via the reservation form (comments), or via the Contact form

I would like to fly at the same time as a friend. It's possible ?

It's entirely possible. Specify it in the comments of the reservation form. We will call on one of our partners, if needed.

Have you been flying for a long time?

The answer can be found on the page " About".

Do you offer two-seater in delta?

The delta is good too! We can organize this for you.


Hoping that this paragliding FAQ will have answered your questions before a future tandem paraglider !